Player Grades: Barcelona 3, Las Palmas 0 The Blaugrana captured three points on what was a chaotic in Catalonia.

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Though this is a site that covers the sporting club FC Barcelona, I have a moral obligation to begin by harshly condemning the unspeakable and unjust acts committed by the Spanish government today as Catalonia exercised their democratic right to vote for independence. The images and videos from the gorgeous city of Barcelona today are gruesome and unacceptable, and I hope the patriots who stood up for what they believed in today did not do so in vain.

As far as this game being played; though it was controversial, I respect the decision for the game to be played solely if it was the unanimous choice of the 18 players in the locker room.

Now, the player grades from a match that now seems largely irrelevant in the grand scheme.

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